Providing Support for Communities Across the United States

Nga Dinh lives in San Jose, CA. Nga’s professional experience includes organization strategic planning, leading teams with a comprehensive understanding of technology development life cycle while specializing in portfolio/program/project management, international expansion, change management, operational strategic planning and business analysis.

Nga came to U.S. at the age of 11 and found her Christian calling through the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement while living in the Bataan Refugee Camp. Elected and served as VEYM in the U.S.A Vice President of Academics and Training in the National Executive Board from 2010 to 2014. As a mother of two, working professional, mentor for BPSOS NextGen, inspirational speaker and president of the youth leaders at her local chapter in diocese of San Jose – she is committed to youth leadership development and faith building. Her advocacy journey began in October 2018, when she attended Southeast Asia Freedom of Religious or Belief Conference in Manila, Philippines with her 12 years old daughter. Since then, she has been actively involved in advocating for religious freedom, freedom for prisoners of conscience, and human rights.