Health Programs

Disability Support Services

BPSOS CCA is partnered with Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) under the Family Mentor Program and the California Department of Disability Services (DDS) to serve families with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We aim to guide and assist these families with acquiring disability services and to empower them to practice their parental rights. Families can also find comfort and ease in speaking their native language with our bilingual staff (English, Vietnamese, Tagalog). Services include but are not limited to: In Home Support Services (IHSS), application assistance and appeals, SSI application assistance and appeals, Individual Education Plan (IEP) support, ABA Service application assistance, and Conservatorship.


Conservatorship is a legal concept in the U.S. where a guardian is appointed by a judge to manage and protect the financial affairs and/or daily life of an individual with physical or mental limitations, or old age. Guardians may apply for conservatorship once the individual is of legal adult age. There are three types of conservatorship based on the individual’s needs: full conservatorship, limited conservatorship, and power of attorney. BPSOS is partnered with the local Public Law Center (PLC) to provide eligible families with monthly legal workshops. If you are interested in learning more, contact us below.
*NOTICE: BPSOS does not provide legal service or practice law. BPSOS serves as the liaison between families and our partners.  

Chronic Support Group

Are you or your loved one living with heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, or any other chronic diseases? Join our support group to connect with others to share your own experiences and learn about new resources. We host monthly support groups to discuss topics of interest such as preventing/managing chronic disease, nutrition, taking care of mental health, etc.


We work with the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove to help teens and their families navigate learning about mental health and accessing basic resources.

We also advocate mental health issues to county leadership and agencies.

COVID-19 Safety Trainings

Planning to return to work or reopen your business? Join to learn more about how to stay safe at your workplace during the pandemic. Help make sure that you and your colleagues stay as safe as possible! Trainings are available in either English or Vietnamese.

Referral Program

Need resources, treatment, or support? In our e-referral program, community members are referred to partners to increase access to healthcare, services, and other community resources. Contact us for more information.