CSDI’s Purposes

Our projects have focused on:

  • providing legal assistance and consultation to individual human rights defenders and disadvantaged communities
  • Reached a large and growing viewership and readership through videos, news stories, and commentaries on youtube and Facebook pages: CFDV (154,195 views & 1,116 subscribers, VNCRP (28,000 likes & 42K followers, VAD (8.5K likes and 10K followers)  

Through BPSOS’s implementing partner, the People Serving People Foundation, we work with civil society groups to develop their capacity to become self-sufficient.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • enabling the participation of historically excluded independent CSOs in regional and global forums on human rights and/or religious freedom; 
  • creating a safe space for independent CSOs and other international organizations to discuss and advance freedom of religion or belief and other rights; 
  • offering training on human rights, civil society, and capacity building for independent CSOs and religious communities;
  •  building partnerships among independent civil society organizations and between them and the international community;
  • and supporting independent CSOs in engaging with UN mechanisms and human rights instruments.


Through CSDI Program of BPSOS


members of some 200 persecuted communities trained on identifying and documenting rights violations


core team members trained and coached for a year to serve their fellow community members


incident reports submitted to different UN Special Procedures


secured in emergency assistance for 150 at-risk human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience


prisoners of conscience adopted by US members of Congress, US Commission on International Religious Freedom, and International Religious


lawsuits filed against the government-created Cao Dai Sect and a lawsuit filed against Vietnam Television and its subordinates in U.S. courts