Rescuing Human Trafficking Victims Across the Globe

Our projects have focused on:

  • Securing financial compensations from IOM and other sources to support human trafficking victims for their repatriation
  • Rescued and/or repatriated Vietnamese victims of labor trafficking in 5 countries: 57 from Saudi Arabia, 2 from Oman, 19 from Campuchia, 7 from Myanmar and 21 from Romania 
  • Recused over 5,000 victims and advocated for the liberation 600 victims of labor and sex trafficking in Malaysia, Taiwan, Guam, China, Jordan, Russia, Ghana, Algeria and America

The Coalition to Abolish Modern-day Slavery in Asia (CAMSA) was formed in February of 2008 through the joint efforts of BPSOS, the International Society for Human Rights, the Vietnamese Canadian Federation, and the U.S. Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers. While we focus on the needs of our Vietnamese communities in America, we continue to care about our compatriots who are at risk in foreign lands. One component of our international initiatives presently focuses on fighting human trafficking.

Through CAMSA, we not only rescue the victims but hold governments accountable and force changes in their legal frameworks. So far we have been exceptionally effective on multiple fronts and have made significant impacts on the policies of many governments. CAMSA brings our anti-trafficking efforts back in line with our mission: defending the liberty and dignity of Vietnamese.

Through CAMSA Program of BPSOS


secured to support 22 human trafficking victims for their repatriation


victims rescued


young Vietnamese women rescued from sex-traffick in Russia and facilitated their safe return home


Vietnamese victims of labor trafficking rescued and/or repatried


labor-trafficked victims in Jordan rescued and advocated for their prompt repatriation


victims of a Hong Kong-based sweatshop operating in Malaysia represented and secured compensations totaling close to a $1M dollars