Providing Support for Communities Across the United States

Our projects have focused on:

  • assisting Vietnamese victims of domestic violence gain access to services that meet their multiple, compounding needs
  • providing case management, crisis intervention, and support services
  • directing Vietnamese victims to legal and advocacy agencies; create and carry out a safety plan
  • connecting Vietnamese domestic violence to shelter, medical, mental health and vocational training services.
  • inspiring victims to become survivors by helping them overcome their vulnerabilities and become self-sufficient.
  • developing and providing cultural competency training for providers and agencies to provide culturally appropriate services for Vietnamese domestic violence victims.

BPSOS’ Community Against Domestic Violence (CADV) program was established in 2002 and its goal is to assist the underserved victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking gain access to protection and culturally specific, trauma-informed services to live a safe life with dignity.

Since its establishment, BPSOS's CADV program has helped thousands of Vietnamese Americans in the US to recognize and understand the symptoms of domestic violence. Through our case managers' effort in educating our community members, they were aware of the consequences that domestic violence has on a family, as well as how to prevent them in the first place.

Through CADV Program of BPSOS


domestic violence victims have served nationally with long-term case management, legal assistance, transitional housing, emergency assistance, job placement, financial education and social services.


community members were able to recognize types and signs of abuse and referred clients to appropriate services through our workshops.


cost savings for domestic victim-survivors through requests for fee waivers.


survivors were assisted through the legal process.


survivors were with crisis counseling and 15 survivors were accompanied to court.