Providing Support for Communities Across the United States

Our projects have focused on:

  • helping low-income and socially vulnerable Vietnamese Americans to access health screening services
  • helping Vietnamese Americans with Limited English Proficicency navigate health care systems 
  • working with community partners and deploying community helath workers topromote health awareness
  • empowering community members to take initiative in accessing preventative health care.

The goal of the BPSOS Health Awareness and Promotion Program (HAPP) is to educate Vietnamese American communities about the risks of chronic diseases and illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases, Hepatitis C, and high blood pressure, as well as different forms of cancers prevalent within these communities (e.g., breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostrate cancer, and lung cancer).

As a result of HAPP, thousands of Vietnamese Americans across the United States have attained greater awareness and understanding about the causes of these different kinds of chronic illnesses and how to prevent them. Our efforts to mitigate health risks within the Vietnamese American community have resulted in both short-term and long-term changes in the community’s attitude, behavior, and knowledge regarding health issues.


Through HAPP Program of BPSOS


individuals enrolled in health insurance


individuals helped access healthcare


COVID19 vaccinations


individuals supported with bi-monthly food assistance


annual health fairs and monthly educational workshops